Late, late summer (but feels like fall) date night

Yia Yia Pizza from Jimmy the Greek

I took off early from work for a date night I planned with my husband last week. He said he wanted Thai food, so I was going back and forth mentally all day about where to go (Mekong Thai? Thai Rose? Thai 9?).

Since I couldn’t decide, I decided to let him decide. When I got home from work I said, “Okay, where are we going?”
He said, “We’re going to Jimmy the Greek’s“.
Well. All-righty then.
Portland Dine Around Club has some pretty excellent, useful coupons for Jimmy the Greek’s, so if you have one, check it out. We ordered a small Inferno Zeus wings and a large Yia Yia Pizza (that’s the leftover, for breakfast today that you are seeing up there). I thought it was a little over-feta’d but my husband did not.
Then we drove down to Old Orchard Beach…much different experience on a post-labor day evening than it is in full-swing summer. For one thing, we parked for free this time in the lot that cost $5 last time. For another, there were way fewer people. Both of these things were good. 🙂
We walked down to the ocean, then to Dolci Crema Cafe. This is the place to go if you are craving dessert, or anything sweet. The owner offered us samples of any gelato, and even suggested some and handed us the sample before we asked! We ended up trying almost all of them. We settled on “Almond Joy”.
What was great about this (well, you know, besides the gelato) is that my husband is not really a fan of gelato. He was trying something different because I like it so much. This is why we got the Almond Joy to split; it was his favorite of the bunch (mine was the dark chocolate!).
Then we drove back home to watch the Survivor season opener.
P.S. We got the Thai food 2 days later. Just goes to show you: cravings must be satisfied.

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