New baby gift

Maybe you have a lot of new babies to buy for this year.  After a long time with the arrival of no babies within my personal sphere of (gift-buying) influence, I find that having just finished putting together a gift for one new baby girl, I have two more baby girls in the picture. One is here already, one is due in the fall.

I used to have a formula for baby gifts, kind of like the wedding day rhyme: “something old, something new…” Too bad that it has been so long, I can’t recall exactly what that formula was.

So, here’s my new top 10 list for what to put in a baby gift basket:

  1. If the sex of the baby is known, consider a pink or blue addition. You may want to have all of your gifts (and even the basket itself) be pink or blue, but I’ll leave that up to your discretion.
  2. Add something handmade to the basket. I’m a sporadic knitter, so I like to add a hat or a blanket if I have time to make it myself, or buy one at a craft show if I don’t.
  3. A favorite book, like (of course) Goodnight Moon, is always a nice addition to a baby gift basket. Pat the Bunny is another good choice. You might consider having your entire gift consist of children’s books that you like.
  4. Babies excrete. Often copiously. An extra outfit or a nightgown or jammies of some sort will be needed (soiled, stained, and appreciated) over and over .
  5. Babies spew. They will need bibs. Multipacks of bibs (because, did i mention? babies drool. A lot).
  6. Babies visually track. Get some colorful, cheerful toys that appeal to many senses: crackling, ringing, textured…and safe. Check that you are buying a toy appropriate for a newborn.
  7. Babies sleep. Blankies and extra jammies are always needed, often in large quantities (reference #4 and #5).
  8. Babies travel. A diaper bag, pack-type baby carrier, and so on may be nice.
  9. Babies get dirty, so bottles of baby wash, shampoo, little facecloths and hooded towels are another idea.
  10. Babies get red bums. Butt paste, desitin, vaseline…all might be helpful for their little bottoms at some point.

That’s it. What are some of your favorite baby gifts to give? to get?


2 thoughts on “New baby gift

  1. Amazingly, I have to go out a bit later to buy a birthday present
    for a 2 year old. You have just given me an idea….I’ll buy a book, so much better than toys. Thanks for sharing. Warmest Wishes always:)

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