At long last, a cupola

My husband has been wanting a cupola for years. He even pointed out that cupola is an ITALIAN, hoping to persuade me that we need one, since I am enamoured with all things Italian. (Please note: man in the picture is the installer, not the husband).

And of course, what is a cupola without a weathervane? I ask you.

So we started looking at weathervanes online for just the right one.

We narrowed it down to two: a  hen with chicks, or a llama. First, I was leaning towards the hen. After all, we raise chickens currently, not llamas (although that is an option in the future).

Llamas, however, traditionally have functioned as guard animals for chickens, and my husband and son liked the idea of having a llama (figuratively, if not yet literally) keeping watch over our flock. Once they put it that way, so did I! So, the decision has been left up to me and I can’t decide.

Vote for which weathervane you would choose for the cupola!


2 thoughts on “At long last, a cupola

  1. If you find a weathervane of a dog, let me know! I’ve always loved weathervanes! Can’t wait to see yours in person.

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