the 80/20 rule

who invented this? well, one source credits an italian with is inception. being of italian descent myself, i am of course predisposed to be enamoured with this idea.  ( see fmi). i have always heard of this rule in regard to food and dieting: follow your diet plan 80% of the time and then eat what you want (within reason) 20% of the time and you won’t gain weight. i had an epiphany today when  it occurred to me that this rule may likely apply to exercise too! as in, exercise (do SOMETHING) 80% of the time, then be the lump on the couch (fondly known far and wide as the “couch potato”) if you want for the other 20%. i was very surprised to learn that the rule is actually was originally referencing land ownership in italy. well, since food comes from the land (well, some of it anyway), i guess it is not too far a reach to apply the pareto concept to eating habits.

does the 80/20 rule work for any of you in regard to eating and/or exercise and weight management? if not, what DOES work?

this is what worked (and is still working) for me:


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