Pairing a crystal with your “One Word”

Once I have chosen My One Word,  I like to have some fun with it.

This year is no different.

Once you’ve settled on your word, the first thing to do is to start noticing anything that catches your attention when you are out living your life. Since I love rocks and crystals, I was very alert to a talk that I was listening to online that mentioned my word (CLARITY) in the discussion of the crystal. As soon as it was over, I looked it up.


Three tanzanite: the blue stones atop the chunk of pink rose quartz.

I found this online about Tanzanite from Healing Crystals for You:

“Tanzanite is a deep blue and purple zoisite crystal. It is known as one of the most valuable stones for metaphysical healing

They are strong stones to assist you to develop psychic power, so this aspect may help you if you are considering entering psychic employment.

They are high crystal energy stones. These crystals have a quite high vibration and are known as stones of transformation.”

So, you can’t make this stuff up, right? The Metaphysical Nurse is my alter ego. All of the points I just listed above are things I will be working on in 2018. I love having the support of the crystals as I create my best life in the coming year for the highest good of all.

And so it is!



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