There’s something about Bob

Some people started reading the first few pages of my book aloud one morning. The first character that showed up was Bob. After a bit, Kevin arrived on the scene.

At this point, one of the readers had a question.

minion zen‘Hmmm….these names sound so familiar. Do you guys think the author named the characters after The Minions??’

They decided to ask me.

OMG! I don’t know! Maybe I did! I love The Minions! And there’s something about Bob…he is my favorite minion! Perhaps my subconscious mind was at work here!

NOTE: This lovely mini Minion (not Bob, but they probably have him too!) was purchased at Zen and CompanyYou can also buy my book, ONE BRAVE THING, at Zen and Company! And you can pick up a Bob (or Kevin!) of your very own to keep you company while you are reading the book! 🙂



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