You want it? You got it!

If you go to your local book store to buy One Brave Thing and you don’t see it, here’s an idea…JUST ASK! Currently, several of the shops OBT Sanibel by C Robinsonare down to their last copy, and what if you stop in to buy my book before it’s been restocked? Again, just ask at the counter, or call and ask if they still have any left before you go. That way, they can call me and I will expedite delivery to the shop so you can get your book as soon as possible.

Here’s a fun fact about the book: Bebe loves to go to the beach! Pick up a copy and take it to the beach with you and make everyone so very happy!

Thank you! And if you enjoy my book, please consider leaving a review on Oh, and tell two friends!

Note: The ‘You want it? You got it!‘ title are lyrics are from the song, Bust a Move by Young MC. Feel free to take a 5 minute break from your day and move your body! Have a 5 minute dance party! One, two, three…GO!


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