Angel signs

archangel michael doreen virtueI have been working on an idea for a business this year. It’s had some pretty good momentum and has been chugging along nicely. Until yesterday. Yesterday, I hit a speed bump. A large speed bump.

I have been very optimistic and have had a million ideas in support of my project, but then the speed bump knocked me flat. I felt like I should just stop right now, pick up all my toys, and go home.

I was sitting in my car (as I so often am) at the ocean, feeling pretty down. Then I remembered something that I was listening to or reading recently that said to ask Archangel Michael for help when you are stuck.

I asked.

Right then, as in, right that minute, the song on the radio changed. The new song that came on was somehow louder than the one that had been playing just prior. The new song was Mandisa singing “Overcomer”.


Do you know this song? Here are some of the lyrics:

You might be down for a moment, feeling kind of hopeless, that’s when He reminds  you, YOU’RE AN OVERCOMER!  Stay in the fight till the final round…take a breath…don’t forget…don’t quit…don’t give in…

And then I teared up. Big emotion that appeared out of nowhere, rising up from my core, and spilling over in tears. This is my fail-safe signal that I am receiving true guidance that is important, and to which I should listen.

The significance of the station, KLove  was also not lost on me, either (K for Karen!)’

Okay, I am not quitting. I am taking a breath.



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