Getting married at the wedding

wedding 3 When my husband and I got married, we had very little money. To make our dollars stretch as far as possible, we decided to have our wedding at home. We contacted a Justice of the Peace who was happy to perform the ceremony in our living room. I chose a bouquet of mostly carnations with a few roses instead of mostly roses with a few carnations. We ordered a small cake. We kept the guest list short, inviting only our immediate families.

Also, we decided not to hire a photographer.

We had a lovely wedding and I have always been happy with how we did things…except I wished we had a nice wedding picture.

Our 22nd wedding anniversary was in June. As it approached, my husband mentioned that he had been thinking about how he wished we had a nice wedding picture (you know, Great Minds Syndrome?)!  So, we talked about it on and off, here and there, when suddenly we thought:


                        Why not take a nice wedding picture now?

(At other times in our marriage, we have had blinding flashes of brilliance like this, such as: Instead of waiting  until we retire to move to Maine…why not move to Maine now?)

Once the decision was made, everything just fell into place. We chose our wedding clothes. We scouted locations (and may I say that the Episcopal Churches in southern Maine are beautiful??) and found one we both loved: St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport. My brother, who is an excellent photographer, agreed to take the pictures…and 254 photos later, here we are.

Now my only regret is this: why didn’t we think to get a CAKE?


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6 thoughts on “Getting married at the wedding

  1. The post made me really happy and a smile still lingers on my face. Glad that you did it – better late than never. And you both look great! Wish you many more wonderful years!

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