Expensive (disposable?) electronics

The two most recent offenders

I had a Compaq Presario Desktop computer for more than 15 years, and it never stopped working. Well, except for that one time, when it caught a virus, but it recovered and never failed me again. Its only shortcoming? It was (a phenomenon with which so many of us who are aging are intimately familiar) getting slow, or slower, to be more precise (you know, in comparison to the younger–I mean newer–models).

In our household we’ve had 4 laptops (all different brands) live and die in under 4 years. What’s up with that?? Two of them have been repaired (for a few hundred dollars total) but the trust is now gone, you know what I mean? Like when your car doesn’t start for the first time…it’s hard to rely on it fully after that. You’re always on edge, waiting for it to let you down again.

Do any of you writers and bloggers out there have a computer (either a desktop or a laptop) that: 

  1. has everything you need on it to do everything you want to do
  2. didn’t cost you your first-born child
  3. is reliable and
  4. that you love? or at least like most of the time?

If yes, then please, for the love of God, tell me the name of it!


2 thoughts on “Expensive (disposable?) electronics

  1. I’ve always been partial to Dell. I’ve had an XPS M1530 laptop for four years–still like the day I bought it. My Dell desktop served me well for 10 years before that.

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