Date night: Maine Diner and a Movie

Date night last night was short, but great. We unexpectedly had a babysitter when I unexpectedly got out of work early, so we made the most of it. This date night consisted of dinner and a movie.

Because with me it’s all about the food, even though we had barely an hour before the show started we still had to go somewhere to eat first.

It was my husband’s turn to pick, and he chose The Maine Diner, on route one in Wells. Even on an off-season Wednesday night, it was pretty full and we got the last table on the periphery (I hate sitting in those little two-seater tables in the center aisle of the restaurant).

We split the buffalo tenders and the seafood sampler (made up of fried shrimp, whole clams, and scallops), which was excellent. We had just enough time after it arrived to eat it and get to the theater for the 7:05PM show start time.

We saw this particular movie (thanks, Bill!) because I have had a thing for Robert Downey Jr for years.The movie was great, even though there was some violence (some of which had implicit jokes  that I didn’t get, but my husband did). It wasn’t the horrific, bloody-guts-and-death kind of violence though, so it’s all good. It reminded me of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles from (OMG) 1987.  Not quite as good as that movie, but definitely worth seeing.

Last, we went to the ocean. There was someone beach combing in the dark with a flashlight and a white bucket…what was that about? We never did find out. There actually were a lot of people (at least four others that we could see)  out running around in the surf in the dark…guess I missed the memo on that field trip. Since it was so crowded, we headed down to the other parking lot, which was empty, to…er…to watch the submarine races.

I didn’t notice who won. 🙂


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