summer camps, part two

or…what to do with the tweens in the summer.

there are lots of fun camps in southern maine for the kids to attend. whether your main focus is their enjoyment or your child care needs, there are plenty of options. here are a few:

1. for your aspiring actors: ogunquit playhouse runs a summer theater camp for kids ages 5 through 18.  this will be my daughter’s 3rd year attending and she has loved it every year.

2. for some variety: York County Community College in Wells runs a College for Kids program for kids 7-14. they have pared the offerings down in the past few years (alas, no more magic camp), but my daughter as well as some of her friends have attended (adventure camp) and enjoyed them in the past.

3. for your horseback riding kids: Lyman Hill Farm runs a horse riding camp for kids age 4-14 for all skill levels. This is a fun camp with caring counselors that runs rain or shine (the riding area is enclosed). they still have some spots left in most weeks as of today’s posting.

4. if you have a child that learns differently, you may consider a summer school program through your child’s school. if your child has an IEP, ask about ESY; this would be the time to bring this up if you are interested in this option. here’s a website with more information about this topic:

5. Wells Parks and Recreation for kids entering K-grade 6. i have no first hand experience with the summer camps but i do with many of their school year programs, which are excellent. most communities have a parks department that you may want to investigate. hint: i’ve been told that the summer camps fill up fast…

any other good ideas for camps in southern maine?

any of you brave enough to send your tween to overnight (gasp!) summer camp?


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