summer day camps, part one

5 reasons to send your tween to summer camp

1.they will not be calling you at work every 10 minutes with the latest update on their loose tooth

2. they won’t be fighting with their brothers/sisters/peers  (within your earshot, anyway)

3. you will be forced to be very efficient with the decisions about “what’s for lunch?” ; that will be dealt with the night before (as in: bag lunch). (added bonus: there will be no occasions of  “can we go to dairy queen/maine diner/east/duffy’s/seacoast pizza for lunch?”)

4. they (probably) don’t have jobs, and you (probably) do…maybe even one that you’d like to keep…so, what else are they going to do? unless, of course, your children are blessed with loving, involved, local grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

5. you can only play so many rounds of uno/war/operation before your patience starts to wear thin…

do any of you have some other reasons to add to this list?

here’s a link with some more information about summer camps for your kids:


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