marching into may

i just took a walk, then negated the benefits of said walk by accepting and eating a homemade peanut butter oatmeal cookie when i got back to work. i took the walk because this year i signed up for March into May, a program designed to help you become more active. you set your own goals, then update them each week for 8 weeks.  i consoled myself after the cookie-eating with the fact that i DID, at least, take the walk, which i probably wouldn’t have done if i wasn’t thinking about my MIM goal not yet being met for the week. (i probably would have eaten the cookie either way…one of the best bakers i know made it!).

if you decide to sign up for MIM (it’s free! and you can build in your own rewards (cookies!) for staying on track each week , or for whatever behaviors you choose to reward). here’s a tip from someone who has participated in MIM for several years (me!):  for your goal: set the bar low; make it achievable, so it is motivating, not demotivating. 🙂

what do you think? is this worth doing? will it help you get out and do some exercise of some sort that you might not have done otherwise ?


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