Stevie Nicks in Boston

I saw The Pretenders and Stevie Nicks at the TD Boston Garden this week. The Pretenders opening for Stevie Nicks? OMG.

Stevie Nicks and Chrissy Hynde


I saw Stevie Nicks once before, when I was in my extremely early 20’s (or maybe even late teens). It was by accident. I was at a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert, when they started playing Stop Dragging My Heart Around and Tom started singing and then (the way I remember it), suddenly you could hear Stevie Nicks singing her part, and then there she was, walking on stage. Unbelievable! What a gift that was.

This time, Stevie started singing the song, after saying that Tom Petty wasn’t there, and then Chrissy Hynde joined in, walking out on stage singing Tom Petty’s part! Talk about a time warp. (PS: They rocked it!!)

This was more than a concert for Stevie this time around. She had a message to deliver. She said over and over that she is a writer. She never said songwriter. She said writer. She also said that she doesn’t feel old, even though at age sixty-eight, she most certainly was old, by anyone’s definition. She had written a song when she was twenty-one and never got to sing it on stage. It was always a dream of hers, and now, ate age sixty-eight, she was finally realizing it! Her message is this: only you know what your dreams are, and it’s never too late to make them come true.

And then she said Beacon Street was awesome and she was so moving there.

🙂 Right? It’s never to late to have a dream and to make it come true.

[Stevie and Chrissy singing Stop Dragging My Heart Around this week in Boston. Sorry for the crappy picture but it’s the only one I was able to get. P.S. Remember when we all had our lighters lit in the audience at concerts? Now the audience is all lit up with cell phones! HA!]

And here, for your listening and viewing pleasure, is my favorite song by The Pretenders:


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