My first TV interview: Be My Guest

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When I participated in the New England Authors Expo, I met Jan Lewis. She subsequently invited me to be a guest on her show, Be My Guest.

This was my first TV interview since I became a published author.

Okay, my first one ever.

Anyway, My husband came with me for the two hour road trip to Upton, Massachusetts. The episodes are taped at the Upton Town Library. We toured downtown Upton (note: it was quick) and ate lunch at The Upton House of Pizza (bacon pizza and a chicken parm sub).

Jan Lewis, the host of Be My Guest was wonderful!

I had a blast! Being interviewed was so much fun!

That is, until I started Monday morning quarterbacking the shit out of it.

Talk about stealing my joy.

So enough, already. It WAS fun. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

P.S. As soon as I know when it will air, I will post the information on my FB page:


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