I give it three months

When my husband and I first became interested in each other, I wasn’t all in. I thought he was too good-looking, and that we’d have fun for a while, and then he’d get tired of me. Where did I get this idea? Oh, from many (many, many) of my past relationships.

   Me: “I give it 3 months, and then you’ll be on to your next girlfriend.”

   He: “No way! That’s not going to happen!”

   Me (to myself): Yeah, right.

Anyway, now, there have been one hundred three months. He encouraged me to take the leap, and we got married 25 years ago. This is a picture that my brother took of me and Bill in 2014 when we renewed our vows to each other at St Ann’s Episcopal Church.

photo by Patrick Maffeo
Take the leap

Does it look familiar? It might if you’ve seen my book! Pat took a lot of photos that day, one of which I used for the cover of  One Brave Thing.


So, it just goes to prove that sometimes, if you trust what you’re feeling, everything will work out okay.



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