TWC is the Devil

IMG_2965I hate TWC. I am making the equivalent of a car payment to them every month for my “Triple Play” bundle, and you know what I am getting for all that money? Crappy equipment that malfunctions every day and is practically disposable. I am driving to the TWC office at least bimonthly to swap out my DVR box, my other cable boxes, my computer modem.

I am getting intermittent internet, despite the fact that I am paying extra for the “Turbo” (cool name, right? It sucks. It’s meaningless. It should be called “Spot”, for the spotty connection that it delivers). I get static-y phone reception when I’m on my land line. If I try to record TV programs, it’s like Roulette. Will it tape? Will it not?

I never know.

You might be thinking, “Why doesn’t she just call them to get it straightened out?”

Whenever I have done that, they remotely break something else. I hang up after up to an hour on the call with the same problem I called about, plus the new one that they created.

You might be thinking, “Why doesn’t she take her business elsewhere?” Because Southern Maine is held hostage by TWC.

Monopoly-thy name is TWC.

Woe is us. Seriously, the thought occurred to me this past week that maybe we should, you know, move.


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