Bunnies for sale!

My daughter’s friend has been raising bunnies (some are rescued bunnies) and there are now some ready for sale. Presenting Brianna’s Bunnies (click on the pictures for some notes about the bunny):

FROM THE SELLER: There is also a tenth bunny (not yet named so you can name this one yourself!) for which there is no picture yet available. The seller doesn’t really know much about her. She came from a friend of hers whose her kids lost interest in her.  She loves other bunnies and is really pretty. If you are interested in her, she will send a picture.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need a cage, and of course, food and a water source for your new bunny. One bunny costs $20, or you can buy two for $35. Comment below with your name and phone number and Bri will call  you back.

Please consider giving one (or more!) of these bunnies a loving home.


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