NaNoWriMo 2014

IMG_9738So it’s November, and you (may) know what that means: time to write a novel. This year my novel is having an identity crisis. I’ve renamed it three times since I began November 1. Yes, that’s three new titles in three days. This is the first time I’ve had this issue with my project.

I am taking it as a good sign.

This could be the year that I publish what I write for NaNoWriMo! Maybe the principle of ‘third time’s the charm’ could apply here!

The first title was: The Bobs. The second title was: A Tale of Two Sisters. The third title, the title du jour, is: One Brave Thing. 

I am also reminded of the book, Do One Thing Different by Bill O’Hanlon, which I highly recommend. Anyway, I have that covered already for this year (reference above title changes) but I am thinking of designing a cover for my book to make it more real as I am writing it.

It must be said that I am not an artist, but I am a writer, so it follows that I am creative.

I am interested to see what I come up with.


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