One brave thing

Today I am going to an Aqua Yoga class.

I have been thinking about going to this class for weeks-maybe months. I have been practicing yoga for years, so it’s not the yoga part that has been an obstacle for  me.

It’s the aqua part.


  1. I took childhood swimming lessons, but they didn’t fully take to me. I know how to swim, but am not very good at it. How much swimming might be involved was high on my list of reasons for putting off going.
  2. Also, I wear glasses. Glasses+pool=no confidence in the pool.
  3. And another thing: I am not a good small talker. I don’t know a soul in this class. Since I have also put off checking out the Toastmasters, this is yet another obstacle to me going to this class.
  4. Finally, Hello, extra 5 pounds? Meet last year’s bathing suit. Not pretty.

Today, I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway.
I’ll let you know how it turned out.



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