Cardinal rule

I have a cardinal rule with books that stretches all the way back to my college years and here it is:

I never write in a book.

It feels like defacement to me to write in or on a book. I went through four years of college and two years of nursing school (not to mention countless hours of continuing education courses over the years) and never once highlighted so much as a word, penciled in so much as a line, in a textbook (or any other book, for that matter),

Perhaps you can imagine the emotional distress I’m feeling every day as I write in my book, my own book. The book that I wrote.

I’ve concluded that the best way to proceed (if I’m ever going to finish it) is to make the corrections directly on the pages of the proof copy.

It is the most reckless act in which I have engaged in years.

Okay, so that’s not really true, but you get the idea. ..I’m living on the edge here, people!



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