What’s in the attic?

There I was, sound asleep, minding my own business, when what do I hear? I had no clue. A loud noise awakened me, but I had no idea at first from whence it came. I lay there, listening hard, wondering why oh why does this always happen when my husband is away?

Suddenly, I hear it: scratch, scratch, scratch directly over my head. As in: above the ceiling. In the attic? OMG. OMG. (Did I say OMG?). All I could think of was that it was mice. Ew.

The next night my husband was there. He heard it too. Time to get serious. When things get tough, the tough get going…to the hardware store… for, um, supplies. Surprise! They aren’t cheap (but I bet you knew that already…). We took them home. My husband went up into the (God bless him) attic (read: crawl space) and scattered said supplies about. We waited, breath bated…okay, mine, not his.

The next night was pretty quiet, actually. Could our efforts have paid off so fast? I was nearly giddy with relief…until the next night.

The next night, it sounded like the intruders were having a wild bowling match. Over. My. Head. 

Well, they carried on, having a grand ol’ time, waking me up periodically throughout the night. Finally, around 7:30am my husband and I were discussing the situation and wondering what to do next when out of the corner of my eye I saw (through the window) something drop from the roof and thump! hit the ground running…a squirrel!

So, now we’re waiting, traps baited.

To be continued…


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