Congdon’s Donut Shop

Awesome blueberry pancakes at Congdons

I have to restrain myself or I’d go to Congdon’s every day, since it’s just a few miles from where I live.

It’s dangerously addictive.

Why? Well, let me count the ways:

  1. 1. The donuts are amazing. The variety is quite extensive, and includes my favorite: Blueberry filled (see slide show below) donut. (Note: Dunkin Donuts does not have this in their repertoire). Order a dozen at Congdon’s and you will be pleasantly surprised to receive a baker’s dozen: 13 lovely donuts of your choosing. Go when you have plenty of time; it can take a while to decide. If you consult the menu of donut flavors with your family before you go, then you can make a list at home and not annoy the people behind you in line. 🙂
  2. They have a full breakfast and lunch menu. The blueberry pancakes are excellent; I highly recommend them. The service is usually very good. The dining room is cozy and in the warmer months there is extra seating on the enclosed porch that abuts the dining room. Go very early during tourist season: the line to be seated will be LONG. L-O-N-G. (Come to think of it, the line for takeout will also be L-O-N-G).
  3. The muffins are also great. My favorite lately is Carrot, but I have yet to have one that I didn’t want to have again.
  4. They make a whoopie pie that is bigger than your head.
  5. Speaking of a baker’s dozen…sign up for their rewards card now and they’ll give you a baker’s dozen of donuts to thank you. They’ll also send you coupons every month, with extra generous ones for your birthday.
  6. Congdon’s is family friendly. Not only will you want to go there; your kids will as well (this means no whining when you tell them where you’re all going!).

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If you’re going to Wells, Maine, stop in to Congdon’s for breakfast…money well spent!


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