Put on a happy face

So, it’s cold and dark outside most of the time now, with the (nearly daily) threat of snow looming large, and it can be hard to find your happy place.

You may not even notice that you’ve lost it at first. Maybe a family member (read: husband) or a friend says, “Hey, what’s up? You don’t seem like yourself lately,” and you say, “Nothing’s up. I’m fine,” followed by the standard, “I’m just tired.”

Then you get to thinkin’…well, work isn’t what it used to be, and I really have been feeling tired lately…and that annoying bill that came in the mail and they overcharged me and I have to call about that…there’s a half hour of the day gone, just to get through the phone tree and get a human on the phone! And don’t even get me started on the laundry! OMG! Miss one day and what happens? You’re inundated!

But then something really nice happens: your husband comes home with flowers unexpectedly (for you!). Your child gets a 106 on her test.  Your son gets promoted at work. And you remember…”Life (really!) is good”…


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