Baking bread



Years ago I had tried baking bread from scratch. It was a many-houred affair, what with the kneading, and the punching down, and the multiple rises (unless you’re making beer bread, but that’s another story)…well, I discovered that this is not the only way to make bread at home.  A coworker told me about a book that explained a different approach. is the author’s website, and you can even find a video of the process (if you search around a little) there. 

Well, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been making bread this way now for more than a year and it’s fantastic. There are several different recipes (there’s even a second book now, recently released by them and a third book in the works) in the first book as well as on the website, but even if you only make the basic recipe boule, I predict that you will be happy. My niece Ariana loves it so much that every time she visits me (or I visit her!) I have a bread freshly baked, ready to give her. 

The book is:  Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. 

Have any of you heard of this book? Have you tried the recipes?


6 thoughts on “Baking bread

  1. Okay… you’ve inspired me. I got a bread machine for a gift and have never used it though I’m told “it’s the cadillac”… got any advice for the novice? About the only bread I’ve ever made from scratch is beer bread!

    1. Judi, I’ve never used a bread machine…I can be intimidated by appliances. Here’s a website that looks promising though, since it has instructions about setting up a machine, what ingredients you’ll need, and making your first loaf, if you want to take risk of putting your appliance to good use!:The Bread Machine Digest
      P.S. What’s wrong with beer bread?!!

  2. Yummy! I love this bread. You’ve inspired me…with today’s weather it certainly feels like a good day for baking bread.

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