My 30th high school reunion is coming up this November. I have been to only one thus far, the 10th, mostly because I never received any notice of any of the reunions (found out about the 10th from a friend I happened to run into one day while food shopping). Enter Facebook; suddenly I am findable..and was found.

Coincidently, I recently read the book The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg, finishing it just prior to learning about the upcoming reunion, which I believe has put me in a receptive frame of mind for reunion-going.

If I remember correctly, we had in excess of 600 people in my graduating class. One inventive alumnus set up a reunion page on Facebook, and to date, there are about 178 of us accounted for. I say “about”, because the number is growing every day. I think it makes going to the reunion less threatening, more accessible, sort of, when you have the opportunity to “meet” up again with people prior to the actual event.

It’s amazing to chat online with people that you know but haven’t seen or talked to (for the most part) for thirty years. I am thinking it will be more fun if I get motivated to pull out my high school yearbook (hmmm, it’s around here somewhere…) and look back at us then, and next check out the pictures of us on Facebook now. Some of us have kids that now are about the same age that we were when we graduated.

I also learned from a quick google search that there is a website for my graduating class (full disclosure: the first one I found was not for my state. Duh. Note to self: always include the state when googling a city!). Good thing I checked the list of names (of which I recognized none! My first clue that I was in the wrong place!) before I bought the tickets through Paypal.

So, how do you all feel about high school reunions? To go, or not to go…that is the question.


4 thoughts on “Reunions

  1. I have never attended a school reunion and never plan to. School was never much fun for me, I was bullied a lot and therefore I have no interest in seeing any of them again. I know that is not the case for everyone, so I hope that you have a really great time catching up with your old classmates.

  2. your classmates should all have a senior pic of themselves on their name card so everyone can see the changes!! 🙂

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