It’s (probably) a girl!

Well, it’s been a little more than 3 weeks and it’s looking more and more like he is a she. Of course, all the data is not in, but very soon it will become unequivocal.

For now though, she is still a runt, much smaller then the other chickens. We attempted to take a picture of her next to a more normal sized hen, but she was running around (and at one  point actually became airborne) so much that we weren’t able to pull that off. We did manage to get one picture of her holding still, while she was held (compare to original picture).

So, the whole issue of naming is rearing its ugly head. Naming chickens carries inherent heartbreak. It seems that it’s always the chicken that you love the best that the hawk will get, or that will come down with the mysterious virus that sends them to “the corner”. When the chicken goes to “the corner”, it will usually be dead in three days.

Now is it because three days of standing in the corner will result in death? or is it that three days before the chicken knows it’s going to depart this world for the big henhouse in the sky, they seek out the comfort of  “the corner”?

It’s kind of reminiscent of the age-old “which came first…” question.

So, we are putting off naming her, but two contenders for the name of the chicken that we are trying not to name are both androgynous. Vote for the name you like the best.


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