Paul Parent in Kennebunk

Paul Parent broadcasting live from Estabrooks in Kennebunk


This Sunday morning was there was a nice treat for gardeners. Paul Parent, of Paul Parent Garden Club fame, was broadcasting his show live on 5/23/10 from Estabrooks on Route One in Kennebunk. Check out his radio  show on Sunday mornings from 6:00AM-10:00AM for great gardening tips. He even takes phone calls from listeners! 

If you waited to put in your vegetable garden, then you should be in the market for some seedlings this week.  

If you didn’t wait and took the risk of putting your little plants in the ground already, then the obsessive gardeners among you STILL may be in the market for some more this week. 

Reasons to get down to the farm store or nursery buy some more vegetable seedlings: 

  1. You were smart and waited until “all danger of frost has passed” and now have a blank canvas on which to plant.
  2. You planted already but were smart and left some room for future moments of weakness, like the Pineapple Tomato plants that you just couldn’t pass up.
  3. You find black bell pepper seedlings and find that you just couldn’t pass them up either.
  4. You’ve finished planting your garden and have no more room, but your friend is just starting to plant hers. You can vicariously experience the plant-purchasing thrill by watching your friend oufit her garden.
  5. You can split seedling 6 packs with your friend. After all, if those Pineapple Tomatoes really do get to be 2 pounds each, how will you fit (never mind eat) them all?

And of course, there are all those herb plants…many herbs will thrive in the worst conditions you can think of…but beware the invasive mint plants… 

So, what are you planting this year?


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