new(ish) old port restaurant

in an effort to support food security as well as to give gifts of consumables (or books!), i took my friend to lunch as part of her going away (from old job to new one) present. she’d been wanting to get a lobster roll for weeks at linda bean’s in the old port.

here’s the menu:

her choice? lobster roll on whole wheat bun. i’m not even a big lobster fan but this lobster roll was a thing of beauty; coworkers stopped at our lunch table to oooh and aaah over it. for dessert there was a last minute impulse buy of  mini whoopie pies (maple filled oatmeal? lemon filled gingerbread? raspberry filled chocolate? they demanded to be bought!). the chocolate raspberry filled one was good, but was really more of a brownie than a whoopie. the maple oatmeal? i have no idea; she squirreled it away for surreptitious eating later in the day. okay, so that’s what i did too. 🙂

there are not many non-fish offerings on the menu. i played it safe with a hot dog; red relish and mustard, with sea salt potato chips (i had to eat them. they were mandatory). both sandwiches came with a very simple cabbage only slaw that was surprising good; very little mayonnaise on it, which is my preference but which i rarely find.

overall, it was good food (if a little pricey) and fast service.

where do you go for the best lobster rolls in maine?


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