diary of a wimpy kid

whenever there is a movie that gets my child to request (and then to actually read) the book that spawned it, i am happy. this month it happened in reverse; the movie of which i speak is “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. we are having my daughter’s 11th birthday party at Smitty’s (http://www.smittyscinema.com/) and this is the movie she chose, having read the “diary of a wimpy kid” and subsequent offerings in the series over the past couple of months (http://www.wimpykid.com/), long before she knew that there would be a movie coming out about it. she even has the movie poster hanging in her room, a gift from her brother. now, we seem to be surrounded by all things wimpy…and it’s all good.

have any of you adults seen a kids’ movie lately that made you laugh out loud? this one definitely will. some of the kids had seen the movie already, but even they were excited to see it again, and every one of them sat in their seats for the entire hour and 33 minutes, eyes on the screen.


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