no umbrella big enough

sandra bullock got some interesting news from her publicist the other day. the man she was seated across the breakfast table from was not the same man that she married. you know…at the wedding. who promised (one would assume) fidelity for more than one month of the year. it was a courtesy call about an upcoming news story concerning her husband and the affair he’d been having for the past 11 months. her husband, you know, the guy who was tearing up as he watched sandra accept her oscar, remember? they even showed the clip on Oprah (so it must be true!).  one must wonder, was he jealous of oscar, the other man in her life? he effectively stole her thunder.  the most recent sandra story concerned the pinnacle of her career, which has now effectively been eclipsed by the nadir of her marriage. is there an umbrella big enough to keep the rain off of  her parade?

read the story. what do you think?


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