BOOK REVIEW: The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

I loved The Rules of Magic!

I was a little cautious to be reading Alice Hoffman, because I sort of remembered finding one of her prior books being, um, kind of dark. Something above about doves, I think. I’m not sure.

I must have blocked it out.

This book, however, is a jewel. It’s a tale of two sisters and a brother, Jet, Franny, and Vincent. As they grow up, they become aware that they have magic in their bloodline, in their blood, but they also have a curse. Light and dark. This is the story of how they grow up and live their lives in the spotlight of, and in the shadow of, both.

I won’t kid you–there are some heartbreaking events in this book, but don’t we all have those in our lives?

I very much felt like I was right there in the story with them, that they were my friends. Friends that I loved and laughed and cried with.

Ultimately, the author is showing us that every story has a beginning and an ending, and that some stories have to end so that others can begin. Indeed, that every ending sparks a new beginning.

Of course there is sadness in a death, especially if it’s in an accident, if it’s unexpected, but it can give rise to a new, beautiful story.

I recommend this book. Go get The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman.


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