There’s nothing for lunch!

Okay, I am home and supposed to be writing, but I need to eat. I want something that I have here already so here’s what I’ve got:

Egg salad (Here’s my recipe)

  • 2 eggs, hardboiled  (I like to cut my eggs up with a slicer. It looks purty that way)
  • Mayonnaise (I am currently using Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise *subject to change without notice*)–just enough to  hold it together (unless I am making it for my husband, then it’s “Hey, have a little egg with your mayonnaise!)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • SECRET INGREDIENT: Celery salt.

Mix it all up.

Eat it with some chips (I am currently eating Cape Cod Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips *subject to change without notice*).

Back to writing.


4 thoughts on “There’s nothing for lunch!

  1. MomzillaNC

    I always use Hellman’s (olive oil mayo) and celery salt in mine too. But, I also use fresh ground black pepper, a bit of paprika, and a touch of honey mustard in my egg salad – then, I call it “Deviled Egg Salad.” I sometimes serve it with fresh spinach leaves or red leaf lettuce on the sandwich, and always on whole or multi-grain bread, with carrot or celery sticks on the side. Gotta get the veg into my teenaged carnivor somehow. 😎

    1. Karen Post author

      I used to use that mayonnaise. I love it, but the family didn’t love it as much. I will try it again! Thanks for the reminder. I used fresh ground Himalayan Pink Salt, just to be fancy. 😀 It’s funny you mentioned the paprika, because I had it in my hand to add and then decided against it. Thanks for giving me the push to try something new next time. I did have lettuce, picked fresh from my garden this morning, sitting right there on the counter, but did I use it? No. #distracted. :/

    1. Karen Post author

      Beth, oh! I never thought of using dill! That sounds good. I will try that! and now I want more egg salad. Good thing I made a ton of it. #shouldbeeating 🙂


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