There’s nothing for lunch!

Okay, I am home and supposed to be writing, but I need to eat. I want something that I have here already so here’s what I’ve got:

Egg salad (Here’s my recipe)

  • 2 eggs, hardboiled  (I like to cut my eggs up with a slicer. It looks purty that way)
  • Mayonnaise (I am currently using Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise *subject to change without notice*)–just enough to  hold it together (unless I am making it for my husband, then it’s “Hey, have a little egg with your mayonnaise!)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • SECRET INGREDIENT: Celery salt.

Mix it all up.

Eat it with some chips (I am currently eating Cape Cod Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips *subject to change without notice*).

Back to writing.


6 thoughts on “There’s nothing for lunch!

  1. I’m a Miracle Whip gal and I add fresh dill, mustard, and ground black pepper. And now I’m hungry. #ShouldBeWriting #DistractedByASandwich

    1. Beth, oh! I never thought of using dill! That sounds good. I will try that! and now I want more egg salad. Good thing I made a ton of it. #shouldbeeating 🙂

  2. I always use Hellman’s (olive oil mayo) and celery salt in mine too. But, I also use fresh ground black pepper, a bit of paprika, and a touch of honey mustard in my egg salad – then, I call it “Deviled Egg Salad.” I sometimes serve it with fresh spinach leaves or red leaf lettuce on the sandwich, and always on whole or multi-grain bread, with carrot or celery sticks on the side. Gotta get the veg into my teenaged carnivor somehow. 😎

    1. I used to use that mayonnaise. I love it, but the family didn’t love it as much. I will try it again! Thanks for the reminder. I used fresh ground Himalayan Pink Salt, just to be fancy. 😀 It’s funny you mentioned the paprika, because I had it in my hand to add and then decided against it. Thanks for giving me the push to try something new next time. I did have lettuce, picked fresh from my garden this morning, sitting right there on the counter, but did I use it? No. #distracted. :/

      1. You could trick you family by keeping the empty jar from the stuff your family likes, but put the Hellman’s olive oil mayo in it. They likely won’t notice the difference – my mother and father didn’t notice the difference.

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