NaNo Midway

Often, in years past, when I am in the thick of NaNoWriMo, I am (of course) writing a lot. I have often found that the bestsellermore I write, the more I write. Period.

Not so this year. It has been a struggle.

After a strong start on November 1, I slacked off and (OMG) didn’t write for four days.  I have never done this once, in all my years of NaNo’ing.

I recovered, fortunately. I spent a weekend writing a million (it felt like) words until I was at goal. After that, I had too much invested. If I didn’t finish, then I wasted all that free time not going to the craft shows I wanted to go to, not reading the books I wanted to read, not watching the movies I wanted to watch.

I am keeping up with my 2000 words per day goal most days, but am not writing much else. I realized that my blog was languishing last week, but it took me until today to actually do something about it!

I will finish my NaNo 2015. I will publish a book this year.

The End.


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