A Writing Challenge

Day 1 writeyourheartopenA writing challenge on the Buddha Doodles Facebook page caught my eye: the #WriteYourHeartOpen Challenge. Basically, you get your writing materials out the night before and have them ready to go when you wake up in the morning. Then, when you get up, you can go grab your coffee/tea/cocoa, then come back to your writing, before you do anything else. There are just three steps:

  1. Write for five minutes. About anything. Just write. After five minutes, stop.
  2. Write down three things for which you are grateful.
  3. Set an intention for the day.

That’s my memory of the steps, anyway. If you check out the Buddha Doodles Facebook page, scroll down to the February 1, 2014 post for the original post to read the instructions as written by the author.  For Day One, participants were invited to post and tag pictures of their writing space on the Buddha Doodles Facebook page, which I did.

I thought the challenge was for the entire month of February, but after I reread the rules for this blog post, I see something about seven days…what? I have been doing it all month and will continue, since that was my original commitment.

What I have noticed:

  1. My writing thrives when I have structure, self-imposed, or otherwise. A definite schedule works for me.
  2. If writing is the first thing I do every day, then I do it. There is no time to let other pursuits take precedence.
  3. You can write a lot more than  you think you can in only five minutes a day. A. Lot. More.

One bonus: The intention that I set for my day every day is powerful. Whatever I write down, I do it. . . which reminds me of a book I read years ago:  Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Klausen.

Yes. What she said.


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