bdayMy lovely daughter is turning 14 in a couple of months. We have given her a birthday party every year of her life, so there is a  fair chance that she will be expecting one this year too.

What to do?

There is some pressure not only to do something that is new and different from a)what we’ve done before, but also from b) what everyone else had done before.

No easy feat, that.

We have had all kinds of parties over the years, but the Smitty’s birthday party was my favorite. We go to the theater and everything happens there: the cake, the presents, the meal, the activity (movie, duh), the goodie bags. The employees clean up afterwards. In other words, I got off easy.

I am finding that this idea is a hard sell to my teenage daughter, who has ‘been there, done that”.

We are leaning toward a …wait for it… spa party. I have a couple of ideas and potential tricks up my sleeve, so if the planets align it might all come together into a nice day for my daughter.


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