Maine Women Write Book Club at Kennebooks

I read this book in advance for the Maine Women Write book club at Kennebooks. It started off with a man in a prison cell. Not what I was expecting! From the cover of the book I thought it was going to be a story about farming or something, and there were some parts about farming, eventually, but it is really about relationships. This book is set way up north in Maine, in a trailer park mostly. There are multiple characters introduced right from the start so here’s two words of advice: pay attention! Do not get distracted or allow your mind to wander off or fairly soon enough you won’t know what the heck is going on. The author takes you inside the heads of all these people in brief snippets and that is how the story is told. She somehow makes even the dispicable characters human and interesting, so that you like them all enough to keep reading. There is a murder thrown in, and this mystery also moves the story forward at a good clip. You will want to know how it all turns out and so you will not want to put the book down. You’ll be able to finish it fairly quickly because this is not a wordy book. The author gets her ideas across to you in few words, telling the story more in the spaces between the words, in what is not said as much as what is, right through to the ending. You aren’t explicitly told what is going to happen, but you just KNOW…you figure it out from what is and is not said. I loved this book and I think that you will too. The author, Shonna Milliken Humphrey, attended the Maine Women Write Book Club at Kennebooks last night and I’ll just say this: If you have the chance to attend any talk that Shonna is giving, GO!


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