For 2012, I decided that I wanted to use more coupons when shopping, especially for food.
Okay, so I haven’t been using ANY coupons lately when food shopping.
It’s not my fault!!! I have the best of intentions!!!
I remove the circulars from the Sunday and sometimes Friday newspapers. I diligently cut out the ones for items I use and the ones that are for such good deals that whatever it is, it’s worth a try. I file them in the coupon organizer…or I would file them, if I could remember where I put it…so okay, I’ll just tuck them into an envelope for now, so I’ll have them when I go shopping. The envelope I shall tuck into my pocketbook, so I’ll have them when I shop. Or maybe I dropped the coupon envelope into the bag o’shopping bags that I keep in the care for food shopping(and other) purposes? Nope. Maybe it’s on my sun visor in the car? Hmmmm….where DID I put it?
Now, the restaurant ones, those I keep very good track of. They are all in my wallet. I think.

Well, for once I had (some of the) coupons I needed WHEN I needed them, and I saved $12.00 on stuff…wait for it…that I would have bought anyway!

Isn’t that really the key to successful couponing??


2 thoughts on “Resolved!

  1. I always used to save coupons and then forget them at home when I was shopping. Now I clip the ones I want to use right to my grocery list. Providing I remember to take along my list I’m good to go!

    1. Smart! I think the underlying need here is the planning ahead aspect that I typically so sorely lack prior to the shopping trip. Maybe that is where I need to focus now! Thank you! 🙂

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