Wells Harbor Concerts

Every Saturday in the summer there is a free concert at the Hope Hobbs Gazebo at the Wells Harbor Community Park. It’s free, but Scott Wilcox from this week’s band The Blind Pilots pointed out, nothing in life is really free. They do pass the basket, just like in church, for donations to help defray the cost of the shows. And just like at church, I cough up the guilt money.

But the thing is, it’s well worth it. All of the bands we’ve seen there over the past few years have given performances that ranged from ‘very good’ to ‘great’. They all put on an enthusiastic show, interact with the audience (no matter how big or how small), and have fun.

Speaking of fun…I think that perhaps the bands aren’t having quite as much fun this year as in years prior: they have been mentioning the unwelcome addition of a nest of bees right underneath where the drummer typically sets up. This week the band members had to keep moving to avoid the bees that were flying around their heads during their act (can you say “distracted”??).

If you go:

  1. Consider bringing along a can of bug spray; you will most likely be annoyed at some point by either mosquitos, no-seeums, or both. It doesn’t really dissuade the bugs much, but it can be helpful to feel like you are fighting back.
  2. Wear sneakers and socks instead of flip-flops or sandals, which can get quite full of (you guessed it) sand (it is the harbor, after all).
  3. You might feel like dancing to the music. Go ahead. Almost always people do.
  4. Wells is a small town;  you (or your kids) will most likely see people who you know. Enjoy their company.
  5. It can be fun to bring along a picnic for supper.
  6. There are benches to sit on, but do yourself a favor and bring a cushion, or a folded towel or blanket to sit on. You’re welcome.
  7. Some people bring folding chairs. There is plenty of room for them if you prefer your own chair to the bench.
  8. The sun can be very strong as it sets, so a pair of sunglasses and/or a hat or baseball cap can be helpful.
  9. It can also get pretty chilly there, so to bringing a light sweater, jacket, or sweatshirt is often a good idea.
  10. Sometimes there is a canteen truck selling food and drink, and sometimes the ice cream truck stops by, but more often than not, neither shows up, so you may want to bring some water or something else to drink or snack on.

Next week, on Saturday, July 24th, the band is The Corona Brothers. You can pick up a schedule for the rest of the summer at the show. If it rains, the shows are held at the Wells Jr. High School on Rt. 1.

One more thing: don’t be put off if you are unfamiliar with the band that’s playing…we have gone to many of the concerts having no idea what to expect and (with only one exception) my tween and I have had a great time and were glad we went.


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