my absolute favorite flowers are lilacs. i cannot pass by a lilac bush without admiring them, often audibly, to the subsequent annoyance of those around me forced to listen to my tributes over, and over, and over…in a prior residence, my husband planted a lilac garden and included one of every kind of lilac he could find: pink, blue, light purple, dark purple, white-edged purple, yellow…it was amazing. since we moved from that house, we’ve had houses with a)no lilacs or b)houses with one or two tiny ones that did not flower.

this year, for my upcoming birthday, that sad story came to an end. my husband removed the existing shrubs flanking our front door that came with our house (which involved heavy machinery) and in their place he planted the two largest lilac bushes he could find, one pink, one purple. underneath he planted a smaller garden with my other favorite flowers…hyacinths and tulips. balloons were tied to the lilacs that said “happy birthday!” now, these lilacs in the picture i bought at the farmer’s market in portland last wednesday, but i consider them a harbinger… 🙂


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