(another) new restaurant in the old port

KAMASOUPTRA is the new restaurant, and they serve (you guessed it!) primarily soup. they have a cool tag line:  steamy. hot. soup.  i mean really; how could you go wrong?

well, for one thing, that stupid construction vehicle that is blocking the entrance is …bad feng shui. also, the stairway to the second floor where the restaurant is located was shut down, so i was forced to take the, um, rather suspicious looking elevator which was  moving so slowly that my usually latent claustrophobia was starting to dust itself off. once the doors finally opened and i escaped…i mean arrived at my destination, things  began to look up. the servers were clean and friendly. all soups i asked to try were graciously handed over, no charge. i thought the cheese containing soups were too…cheesey, but my cheese loving friend thought they were just right. the vegetable tortilla soup was my favorite.

a bonus was … they had CUPCAKES! from the TULIP CUPCAKERY! the name alone primes you to love them! and did i mention the sample was free? it was half a cupcake, but still.  having just finished 5 soup samples(not to mention lunch and the scone i had been gifted with earlier), it really was more than i needed, or expected. (full disclosure: the cupcake was a little dry but the frosting more than made up for it).

they sent me on my way with a menu that included a 10% off coupon for my return visit (this week) and several extra coupons for my coworkers.

all in all, it was 10 minutes well spent this afternoon.

if you are in the portland (maine)  area, check them out.



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