I am an Author, Energy Healer, and Coach.

I write about relationships to help you find insight into your own. My books remind you that you are brave and in charge of your own life. When you start listening to your own intuition and act accordingly instead of doing what you think you’re supposed to do, that’s when everything will begin to fall into place.

I love to talk…

about writing, National Novel Writing Month, my practice of “My One Word”, and about being brave and standing up for yourself. (Disclaimer: Okay, I really just love to talk. In general. About almost anything. Except politics!!!)

I interview one woman every month about something brave they’ve done.

Find the interviews right here on the blog tab: https://kwrites.com/?s=brave+interviews

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The BRAVE Interview #21 April 2018: Stormie Grace

Welcome to this month’s interview with Stormie Grace! Being Brave… Hello everyone I am Astrologer Stormie Grace! …….really what I am is just a human! That comes with its pretty standard fears, insecurities, Delights, Mysteries, and all else that encompasses The Human Experience pause. The two qualities I’ve been invited to talk to you about … Continue reading The BRAVE Interview #21 April 2018: Stormie Grace

The Annual Ides of March Quest for Fried Clams

My dad’s last meal was fried clams. Flashback to 1998. Dad was dying of lung cancer. The living room was dominated by the hospital bed sent by hospice once it was clear he could no longer manage the climb to the second floor bedroom. He had been in and out of consciousness for several days … Continue reading The Annual Ides of March Quest for Fried Clams

The BRAVE Interview #20 March 2018: Crissy Maier

Here is this month’s BRAVE Interview with Crissy Maier! WHO are you? Someone who overcomes challenges. Whether it’s my cleft lip and palate, my learning disability, my struggles through the police academy, other health issues, problems at work – I’m not defined by any of them, but rather by my ability to integrate the lessons … Continue reading The BRAVE Interview #20 March 2018: Crissy Maier

BOOK REVIEW: The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

I loved The Rules of Magic! I was a little cautious to be reading Alice Hoffman, because I sort of remembered finding one of her prior books being, um, kind of dark. Something above about doves, I think. I’m not sure. I must have blocked it out. This book, however, is a jewel. It’s a … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

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